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Hrachia A. Kazhoyan, PhD

  24B Sarian Street, Apt. 27, Yerevan, 0002, Armenia
  Landline: +374 10 587124   |  Mobile: +374 98765410
Expertise Summary
  Dr. Kazhoyan is an international development professional with over 20 years of experience in institutional development and all aspects of programme and project development – from grantmaking to implementation and external evaluation, as well as advanced social research and support to policymaking. He has excellent analytical skills and expertise in strategic planning for organizational development, grant management, HR/personnel management, and adult education mostly gained in Africa, Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East, and Southern Asia-Pacific. He is proficient in gender mainstreaming, fundraising, advocacy, forging partnerships, as well as in minority issues and conflict resolution. Holding a magister’s degree in Sociology of Culture from the University of Ljubljana and PhD in Sociology from Yerevan State University and practising and training in qualitative and quantitative research, he has publications in four languages, including textbooks in community development and communication.

Hrachia conducted research and consulted governments, international organizations, and NGOs in South Africa, Jordan, Cambodia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244), and other countries, worked as Research Director of the Caucasus Research Resource Centre, coordinated the OSCE field teams, led IOM Mission and the Program Department of Eurasia Foundation in Armenia. He is proficient in USAID, EC, and other donors’ procedures and regulations on organizational development and project cycle management. He developed strong mediating and intercultural skills, working in conflict-prone northern Kosovo and bringing together leaders and organizations of different ethnic groups. He is an ILO-certified gender auditor and a member of the Armenian Sociological Association, Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research – SIETAR Europa, and other associations.
Work Experience   May 2020 - present:
Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Consultant, Evaluator
- Developed the methodology and conducts a midterm evaluation of the Foundation’s “Partnership for Justice Reform” project funded by the US Government.

February-November 2019:
Nemai Consulting, Johannesburg, South Africa, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist/Senior Researcher
- Assisted with the preparation and submission of proposals to the government and other clients
- Supported the company in the establishment of processes and procedures of the Monitoring & Evaluation Unit and the Department for Social Research and Development, mentored young researchers
- Conducted research and evaluated major national and regional socio-economic development programmes prepared and submitted reports
- Trained and consulted government officials on developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programmes, incl. seminars on developing the theory of change for the government representatives
- Conducted a one-day workshop on gender mainstreaming for the government officials and other stakeholders during the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association’s international conference.

October 2013 – May 2020:
Armenian UN Association (AUNA), Yerevan, Armenia, Senior Advisor
- Monitored and supported governance, strategic direction and performance, routinely displayed both people and intellectual leadership, conducted stakeholder consultations and acted as the primary liaison with AUNA’s Boards/Committees and management
- Consulted on the dissemination of the UN values, principles and programs in Armenia and promotion of Armenian values, traditions, and cultural heritage through UN structures and programmes
- Conducted stakeholder consultations and developed campaigns for the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals, human rights, active citizenship, peace culture and conflict transformation
- Provided training and support in planning and implementation of the programme, small projects and public awareness campaigns; trained on rights-based approach and facilitated open discussions of youth and women issues with local government and other stakeholders.
- Trained AUNA civic action groups in all provinces of Armenia and regional programme participants (Caucasus) in human rights and rights-based approaches; community development; peacebuilding; gender mainstreaming; theory of change; project cycle management, incl. monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. Provided quality assurance to their rights-based projects.

July 2018 – February 2019:
United Nations Volunteers Regional Office for Arab States, Europe and CIS, Amman, Jordan, Volunteer Engagement Expert
- Developed the methodology and undertook mapping and analysis of volunteering infrastructure, including legislation, policies, structures practices, and cross-cutting issues, incl. human rights, gender mainstreaming and disability issues in the Arab States, Europe & CIS (ASECIS)
- Mapped the existing frameworks to take stock of the current situation of volunteer legislation in these countries and existing national policies related to volunteering - Created a database of UNV’s key partners in ASECIS and provides recommendations for areas of potential UNV support to governments and in positioning volunteerism as an integral part of future government plans, priorities, policies, strategies, programmes and budgets
- Prepared the final report for publication and electronic distribution.

February 2016 – July 2017:
UN Volunteers, UNDP Cambodia, Project Manager/Researcher
- Led the research on volunteerism and youth employment in Cambodia that included also the aspect of the impact of global and regional developments on the future of work and skills
- Linking the research to policy-making, forged partnerships with national and international counterparts, research institutes, NGOs, private sector and media
- Trained over 350 university students in community development and social research
- Organized and facilitated focus groups and stakeholder workshops
- Liaised with Royal Government of Cambodia, developed and maintained the website and managed public relations.

August 2014 – June 2015:
Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) - Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia, Research Director
- Developed research projects and led the CRRC capacity building in research methodology with professional insight and scholarly innovation
- Initiated, directed and consulted research on civil society, human rights, civic engagement in local governance, migration policies and the prospects of work and skills in the context of global, regional and national developments, elections, media and other topics. These studies included Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG) Index, Engaged Citizenry for Responsible Governance, Migration Development Policies – a part of the OECD comparative project in 10 countries worldwide, Civil Society Organizations Study (CSO DePo) and others
- Oversaw production of outreach and PR materials, e-bulletins, website and blogs
- Liaised with partners, donors and other stakeholders to ensure the policy impact.

June 2014 – February 2016:
Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Yerevan, Armenia, Consultant, Team Leader
Developed the Capacity Enhancement Tool (CET) – a comprehensive system for analysing organisational capacities of civil society organizations (CSO) and developing action plans for their institutional growth. Evaluated and advised on the institutional capacity development of CSOs, supported them in developing strategies, policies, projects and preparing reports.

September 2013 – February 2016:
Institute of Philosophy and Law, National Academy of Sciences,
Examination Board Member
Evaluated PhD studies and participated in examinations.

February 2006 - February 2013:
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Mission in Kosovo
Human Dimension Officer / Coordinator of Municipal Teams, Regional Project Officer
- Planned the strategy and coordinated the work of municipal teams
- Wrote reports and developed recommendations for change on issues related to the local government reform and the work of municipalities, supported good governance and human rights standards’ compliance, conducted stakeholder consultations
- Developed and managed projects in support of reconciliation, institution building, youth initiatives, women organizations, training of journalists in conflict-sensitive reporting, communication campaigns, humanitarian relief for IDPs, rural development, vocational training and employment, and inclusion of children with special needs. Projects included modernization of municipal archives, establishment of Human Rights School, the Legal Clinic at the Mitrovica University and Youth Creative Centre in Zvečan. Provided technical assistance and supported the Centre for the Children with Special Needs for four years
- Trained and guided colleagues in project cycle management and gender mainstreaming.

February 2004 - February 2006:
International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Armenia
National Program Officer, Officer In Charge (Acting Chief of Mission)
- Oversaw activities of the Mission
- Identified programmatic approaches, developed and ran projects on vocational training, income generation and rural infrastructure development projects in support of refugees, returnees, unsuccessful asylum seekers with a special focus on women and youth
- In the frames of the counter-trafficking programme, designed and managed countrywide awareness raising campaigns, developed training materials and trained the MFA staff and judicial and other legal professionals and civil society representatives
- Prepared fundraising strategies, evaluation plans, and reports
- Liaised with government on policy and law making, conducted stakeholder consultations and facilitated policy development through the exchange of ideas among central/local authorities, donors, embassies, media and NGOs
- Organized press conferences, participated in talk shows
- As a member of UNCT, participated in UNDAF planning and promotion of UN values and principles.

March 1999 - March 2003:
The Eurasia Foundation Office in Armenia
Senior Program Officer
Led the Yerevan and Gyumri program staff in strategic planning and implementation of grantmaking. Trained over 100 NGOs, managed a portfolio of 200 projects totaling $5 million. Liaised with govern-ment and other donors. Reviewed thousands of open-door project proposals. Designed and rolled out national/regional programs ranging from community building and civic forums to business advocacy to fostering IT and hi-tech industry. Actively participated in Armenia and Caucasus strategic planning process. Progressively improved the evaluation, due diligence and financial monitoring practices.

February 1999 - 2006:
Institute of Philosophy and Law, National Academy of Sciences
Researcher (part time)
Conducted research on modern civilization and global communications and a doctoral research on community development, organized and facilitated group discussions, seminars and conferences.

January 1996 – June 1997:
Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis
Researcher, Technical Project Manager
Conducted a research project on political parties and the media coverage of Parliamentary elections in Slovenia; a book was published with multimedia supplements.

September 1994 - November 1995:
State Pedagogical Institute, Yerevan
Introduced communication studies at the Faculty of Culture.

August 1990 - November 1995:
ARARUM Group, Yerevan
CEO, Producer and Director
Founded and led one of the first private film and video production companies in Armenia which produced over 100 films, television and video programs.

Evaluator   Dec 2017 – March 2018: Caritas Armenia,” Family-oriented support of children and youth in critical circumstances” program funded by German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
April – May 2015: Hakastver NGO, EC-funded project on development of trade unions February - May 2015: American Council on Education, USAID, Women Leadership Program
October 2013 - April 2014: Triple Line Consulting, London, outcome evaluation of the Eurasia Foundation’s Equal Before Law: Access to Justice in Central Asia program
November 2008 and October - November 2012: Femida NGO, evaluation of EU-funded projects in support of the judicial reform in Armenia
March - May 2009: Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law, National Academy of Sciences, participatory assessment of development of community-based organizations in Shirak region
November - December 2004: OSCE/ODIHR, outcome evaluation of the programme on institutionalization of gender studies in the system of higher education
May - July 2003: IFES, Institutional Assessment of the Women’s Council of Armenia

Trainer   November 2014 – July 2018: Armenian UN Association, Human Rights-Based Programming, Project Cycle, Gender Mainstreaming, October-November 2014: Gender Equality for the students of the Armenian State Pedagogical University and Yerevan State University
April 2014: Institute for Contemporary Arts, Community Development
May 2013: Institute of Ethnography, National Academy of Sciences, Community Assets Mapping
October 2009, May 2010: CCSD, Independent Student Union, Kosovo, Project Management
January 2004 - February 2006: School of Civil Society, Gyumri, Communication for Social Change and Community Development
October 2004: Center for Community Dialogues and Initiatives (CCDI), Institutional Development and Sustainability
May 2004: International Foundation for Election Systems, (IFES), Fundraising and Donor Relations
December 2003: Caucasus Network of NGOs for Refugees and IDPs (CRINGO), Networking

Consultant   May 2016 – December 2016, Caritas Austria: Conducted a full-cycle strategic planning and organisational development exercise for the Emily Aregak Centre for children with multiple disabilities in Gyumri
December 2015 – February 2016, Save the Children – Armenia: Localised, further developed and tested the Save the Children’s Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool
July 2014 – February 2016, Eurasia Partnership Foundation: Developed the CSO Capacity Assessment Tool, conducted pilot assessments with 12 CSOs, prepared reports
March-June 2014: Institute for Contemporary Arts, Organizational Development
September 2003 - January 2004: IOM, Micro-enterprise Development Project, Counter-trafficking Programme
April - May 2002: IOM, Steering Committee Member, Prevention of Irregular Migration
October 2001: USAID, Expert, NGO Sustainability Index
February 2001: Internews, Advisory Board Member, TV Competition
May 2000: IREX ProMedia, Board Member, Investigative Journalism Competition

Education and Training   7 May – 7 August 2018: Council of Europe, HELP Online courses, Rights of Persons with Disabilities

26 June – 5 July 2018: ILO, International Training Centre, Turin, Italy, Participatory Gender Audit Facilitation

26 April 2016: UNDSS Cambodia, Emergency First Aid

11-13 December 2014: ASCN Tbilisi, Qualitative Research Design and Data Generation

6-8 November 2014 ASCN Yerevan, Making the Link from Research to Policy

1999 - June 2013: IPSL National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan State University, PhD in Sociology
Thesis: Formation and Development of Communities in the Process of Civic Organizing

March 2011: OSCE Pristina, Team Development: Communicating and Influencing

January 2011, OSCE ODIHR, Hate Crimes

June, 2010, OSCE Pristina, Project Management, Training of Trainers

October 2009, SIETAR Europe, Paris, Icebreakers and Warm-ups for Intercultural Training

September 2009, OSCE Pristina, Specialized Community Rights Training

September 2009, OSCE Pristina, Advanced Negotiations and Diplomatic Skills: Focus on Mediation

October 2008, OSCE Pristina, Conflict Analysis, Management and Resolution

June 2007, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy, Civilian Personnel in Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Operations (summer school, written exam: 5/5)

November 2004: IOM, Vienna, Advanced Project Development

February 2002: ProSME, GTZ, Germany, Staff and Organization Development

January - February 2001: knowise®, San Jose, CA, Global Teamwork: Cross-cultural competence and virtual team leading

October 2000 - May 2001: Open University, London, Effective Management

July-August 2000: The Eurasia Foundation, Washington, DC, Internal Controls

1999 - 2006: Institute of Philosophy and Law, National Academy of Sciences, research on media and community development

1993, 1998: United States Telecommunications Training Institute:
WRAL TV, Raleigh, NC, Overview of High Definition Television,
WHUT TV, Washington, DC, Public Television,
Howard University, Washington, DC Telecommunications Programming
KHTV, Houston, TX, Introduction to Independent American TV Broadcasting
Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, CA, Television Program Production

1995-98: Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia MA, Sociology of culture
Thesis: Communication of Visual Experience in the Modern Media

1979-84: State Engineering University of Armenia, Yerevan:
1979-84: Faculty of Technical Cybernetics, Engineer of Microelectronics, (Diploma, MS equiv.)
1982-84: Faculty of Social Professions, IT and Technical Translation (English)

1983-85: School-Studio, Yerevan State Academic Theatre, Acting and Directing

1977-79: Public University, Yerevan, Photo Journalism

1969-79: Yerevan Secondary School # 55

1970-77: Yerevan School of Music # 10

Personal Skills and
Mother tongue   Armenian

Other languages

European level*

  Understanding Speaking Writing
  ListeningReadingSpoken interaction Spoken production  
English   Proficient user (C2) Proficient user (C2) Proficient user (C2) Proficient user (C2) Proficient user (C2)
Russian   Proficient user (C2) Proficient user (C2) Proficient user (C2) Proficient user (C2) Proficient user (C2)
Serbian   Independent user (B2) Independent user (B2) Independent user (B1) Independent user (B1) Independent user (B1)
Slovene   Independent user (B1) Independent user (B1) Basic user (A2) Basic user (A2) Basic user (A2)
French   Basic user (A1) Basic user (A2) Basic user (A1) Basic user (A1) Basic user (A1)
    (*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Skills and competences   - Policymaking: experienced in capacity building for local, national and regional policy development and supporting governments, international organizations and think tanks

- Project cycle management: proficient in USAID, EC and other donors’ procedures and regulations on grant management, project development and implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting

- Teamwork, mediating and intercultural skills: worked in conflict prone Kosovo, bringing together leaders and organizations of different ethnic groups; while leading teams, building working groups, forging partnerships and networks, learned how to maintain the atmosphere of mutual support and manage conflicting workloads and challenging environments

- Experienced in research, institutional development, adult education and public relations

- Advanced user of MS Office, incl. Project and Visio, SPSS, web design, and video editing software

Affiliations   SIETAR Europa (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research), since 2009.

International Program Evaluation Network, since May 2003.

Armenian Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (AASPEI)

Armenian Sociological Association, since July 1998.

International Association for Survival-Development Strategies, SG since March 1998.


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Mapping Volunteer Involving Organisations in Cambodia, UNV Cambodia, February 2017

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Komunikacija vizualne izkusnje v sodobnih medijih: specificno in splosno (in Slovenian), Ljubljana, ISH, 1997

Analiza medijskega spremljanja, co-authors: Igor Ž Žagar, Samo Kropivnik, Ali H. Žerdin, Marjeta Doupona Horvat (in Slovenian), Ljubljana, ISH, 1997, and others.



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